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EnergyTowerâ„¢ – your own electricity from renewable energy sources

The EnergyTower is a compact hybrid power plant, which allows you to produce your own electricity independently.

The mini power plant for everyone is:

  • Your commitment to energy policy and climate protection
  • Your symbol for sustainable power generation

For grid-independent, individual and ecological power supply we combine the latest technology of solar cells and wind turbines. To make the self-sufficient energy supply perfect, we equip the system for off-grid operation on request with batteries as well.

With four solar panels of two square meters each and a peak capacity of 300 Watt and by our maintenance-free, silent vertical axis wind turbine with a rated performance of 700 watts of power generated can be stored directly used or supplemented by a battery. Also feeding power into the grid is possible without any problems.

Plug & play
Plug and play – simply use sun and wind: the EnergyTower is easy to install and use with a minimum ground area to generate electricity. In general, the EnergyTower can be placed without a building permit on your property, on the terrace or a flat roof and the electricity used immediately. The EnergyTower is with its compact footprint of 4 square meters on a stable base rust and reaches with a wind turbine a total height of over four meters (only with solar modules it is two meters high).

The power of two hearts for the future
The NewGreenTec EnergyTower combines the use of renewable energy sources sun and wind in an innovative and intelligent way.

Modular and scalable – use in many ways
The EnergyTower can be assembled modularly in all different sizes. From the mini-tower for the family house to a power tower of 20 meters for commercial use.

EnergyTower Datasheet (EN, PDF, 374 KB)